New Customer Signup Instructions

        PLEASE USE CHROME when logging into this site:


  • Enter data into form.  You MUST have a current invoice number and total amount invoiced in order to validate you are authorized to create an account.  The FIRST person to register for a company will be the Admin and will have full access.  All other users will have limited abilities on the site until the Admin grants them more authority.


  • The Website will send you an e-mail and you can click on the link to create a password.



  • The Password must be at least 8 characters and needs at least 3 different kinds of characters.  Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers, Special Characters.  When the password is acceptable the error message will go away.


  • You can now sign in.


  • Since this is the first user to create an account, this email is the ADMINISTRATOR of the company and has access to all functions and all companies within Master Halco’s system.  In this example there are 3 branches to this company so they are displayed and you can choose which one to review.


  • I selected 811131.  You will be taken to the Account information screen with contact information and invoice address information.  In the upper right corner you will see your name and a drop down that will let you switch between different company numbers in your account (if you have more than one.)


  • In order to see your invoices and make payments, click on “Invoices” and your open invoices will appear.  Your outstanding credits will always show at the top and you can use these credits to pay any open invoices.  As you select the invoices with the check box, the total payment will calculate.  In this example the credit for -$1967.39 was selected and the invoice for $2283.86.  The total to be paid is $316.47.


  • If you want to short pay an invoice, select the invoice with the check box and then change the amount in the Payment Amount column to the dollar amount you want to pay.  If you short pay an invoice you MUST select a Reason from the drop down.  You can also attach a file or image with the Browse link that appears when you change the amount you pay for an invoice.


  • Once you have selected all the invoices and credits you want to pay, select the “Process Payment” button and you will then select the payment method.  Your account determines the payment options you have and you may pay with a credit card or ACH bank payment.  If you do not have a phone number on record, a popup box appears for you to enter your number and it will update your account.


  • If you have questions or issues please contact your branch for help resolving them.